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Lana Del Rey: Last relationship was hard


Lana Del Rey says her relationship with Barrie James O'Neill was "difficult and tumultuous
Lana Del Rey went through a lot psychologically with her ex Barrie James O'Neill.
The 29-year-old singer confirmed her split from her Scottish rocker beau last month after nearly three years together, citing his "issues" as the reason for their break up.
Now Lana has gone into more details about her former romance, admitting that the couple's individual psychological issues were to blame.
'It's been a tenuous and tumultuous three years," she told the American edition of Fashion magazine. "It was very rewarding, but very difficult. Trying to get consistency and normality within the dynamic of that relationship has been impossible."
"He's unwell and I'm unwell in some ways, and psychologically we've been through a lot together."
But Lana isn't letting the end of her long-term relationship put her off thinking about the future.
The Summertime Sadness singer, who was most recently romantically linked to Italian photographer Francesco Carrozzini, told the magazine that she is keen to start a family at some point.
"I would love to find someone I could share my life with and be married to," she said. "I would love children, too. Hopefully they're not as bad as I am."
Lana has previously sparked concern with some of her comments in interviews, including when she said she wished she was dead.
However, Lana insisted that criticism from the industry isn't to blame for her bouts of depression, and she actually finds it helpful for her work.
"Heavy criticism is freeing because it leaves no route other than to be entirely yourself," she explained. "There's actually less pressure this way because you're left to your own devices."


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