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Lil Durk and J. Cole

Lil Durk and J. Cole Share Motivational New Track “All My Life”

Lil Durk has landed a guest feature from J. Cole on “All My Life,” a motivational track from the Chicago rapper’s upcoming album, Almost Healed.

Produced by Dr. Luke, “All My Life” features a children’s choir as Durk looks back at surviving against all odds. “You can’t blame my past no more, I come from the trenches/ Some said I’d never be a superstar, but I know I’m different,” he spits, before rapping about “tryna better my health.”

On the second verse, Cole addresses rappers dying too young (“I never even heard of lil’ buddy/ ‘Til somebody murdered lil’ buddy”) before blasting the media for sensationalizing their deaths: “And media thirsty for clicks/ I got a new rule/ If you ain’t never posted a rapper when he was alive/ You can’t post about him after he get hit.”